o stand out in the Crowd and beat the competition in the application queue, students would know that they need the 5 points from credentialed community language qualification through NAATI exam. NAATI accreditation can help people wishing to migrate to Australia in a number of ways:

  • Through a skills assessment (generally open only to those who have been sponsored by an employer, or nominated by a state or territory government)
  • By allowing them to claim points for certain qualifications obtained overseas, or for skilled employment as a translator or interpreter, which may be used towards a points-based Migration visa
  • By allowing them to claim Credentialled Community Language (CCL) points, which may be used towards a points-based migration visa

The vast majority of people who apply for NAATI accreditation for migration purposes utilise it to claim Credentialled Community Language points. The most obvious advantage of the community language point is that it is open to any student in any major, and it is available throughout the year. Students do not need to wait until their graduation from university as they have to do in PY courses. It is strongly recommended that student start preparation for NAATI accreditation sooner, the earlier, the better.