Skilled Independent Visa

This 189 visa requires an immigrant to live and work as a permanent resident in Australia. It is for skilled workers not sponsored or nominated by a government of the state or territory by an employer or family member. You must first submit an expression of interest to be qualified for this visa, and then you must be invited to apply via SkillSelect. With this visa, you can indefinitely live, work and study in Australia with your family members who have also been granted this visa. This visa also allows enrolment in Medicare, the health-related care and expenses program in Australia. You can also obtain an Australian citizenship if you are able to qualify. 

Visa Application Process


The requirements discussed above may not be the only prerequisites for processing your visa. Australian Immigration Services regularly change their visa rules. We know that applying for this visa can be an extremely difficult task for most people without proper assistance and guidelines. To make things easier, we have an excellent team of Migration Consultants who will discuss the entire visa process with you. Please make the best use of our one-on-one visa consultation. Please visit your nearest onshore office at Sydney.