5 Ways to Prepare for IELTS at Home

The current covid-19 situation has compelled us to adjust to the new normal where our jobs, classes and other daily activities are moving online. In this circumstance you might be planning to pause your plan for moving abroad because of the nationwide lockdown and closure of the IELTS centers. We know it is pretty frustrating to hold your plans like that. But, you don’t need to feel disheartened. You can still prepare for the IELTS at home. That way when everything comes to normal and you’re finally able to apply to the universities abroad, you are gonna have a rock solid IELTS score in your hand. 

So, how are you going to prepare for IELTS at home? You can simply follow the suggestions below to get a head start. 

Take some time to get familiar with the IELTS test

The IELTS test consists of four parts: listening, writing, reading and speaking. Each part is made of questions to assess your English language skills in everyday life. Make sure you understand how much time you’re going to get for completing each part, how the questions will look like, the band descriptors and how scores you will need to get into your preferred university. 

You can download the official guide for candidates to have a more clear idea. 

Level up your English language skill:

There’s no alternative to improve your language skill if you want to have a good score in IELTS. Because of the lockdown, we have to stay at home most of the time. Take advantage of this situation. Take out the books from your bookshelf that you wanted to finish for so long but never got the time. It doesn’t have to be heavy literature or nonfiction. Read whatever you like, may that be fiction, nonfiction, comics, mangas or anything like that. You can even read news articles, online publications or blogs. Watch your favourite movies or tv shows, listen to podcasts. Write letters to your family and friends. You can practice speaking in English with your peers. 

All these efforts will definitely increase your language skill drastically. 

Check your progress with practice tests

To measure your progress, you have to take as many practice tests as possible. It’ll be really great if you can get your hands on IELTS Authentic Practice Tests as there are model answers and examiner comments to help you understand how to answer properly. If you cannot get access to the Cambridge practice tests series, you can take help from the IELTS official sample test questions on the IELTS website.

Another great way for you to track your progress can be using IELTS Progress Check. You can get personalized feedback from IELTS experts and an overall tentative band score as well as the band scores for each part of the test. 

You can understand where you need to improve to get your preferred band score. 

Take help from online

Since most of our daily activities are shifting to online. You can use help from online for your IELTS preparation as well. There are many groups in social media which are directed to IELTS preparation. There you can find like minded people and make your own study group. You can practice speaking in English with each other in order to improve your speaking skill. Many people share their IELTS journey and what things they did right or what were their mistakes. Many post different resources and suggestions. You can even find some good friends along the way. 

Stay up to date

As the situation is changing frequently nowadays, you better keep yourself up to date with the latest news and how it can affect the IELTS test dates and your migration goals. In some areas the IELTS test can be suspended to avoid spreading of coronavirus and in other areas it can continue with necessary precautions. Find out the latest updates on your area and be sure to stay prepared.

Remember, IELTS is just a test. With sufficient preparation you can ace this test like any other. A good IELTS band score can ensure your admission in your dream university and to get that band score dedication and hard work is required. Don’t get discouraged just because all the IELTS centers are closed. Bear in mind, self learning is the best way of learning. If you’re fully committed to it, passing the test with flying colors will be just a piece of cake. So, stay strong, stay positive and work harder!

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