6 Important Steps to Jumpstart Your Career in Australia as an International Student

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The idea of leaving the comfort of your home and the people you grew up with may seem daunting at first. But, just like everything else in this world you cannot get something special unless you let something else go. With the fear of meeting the unknown comes the excitement that clings to your mind waiting to experience the adventure of moving into another country. However, this excitement can easily turn into a nightmare if you do not have a solid plan, especially if you are a student planning to build a career in a foreign country. In this course of time, Apollo International can become a reliable friend in the new country by providing you with admission and migration services. Nevertheless, there are some struggles that an international student has to face alone. To make your life easier in a foreign country there are some steps that you can follow to gear up for a better career ahead.
Network, Network and Network!

Networking is a crucial skill to have as an international student, no matter what field you are in. Network is a bridge among people who stay in a mutually beneficial relationship where they can exchange their ideas, goals, suggestions and challenges. A strong network can help you to get your hands on new job opportunities and keep you updated on the new trends and technologies in your industry. Through networking you can gain new perspectives which can add up to your personal growth. In order to stay on top of your networking skill you can try the following methods.

  • Join online groups where you can find people from your home country. Also, if you have any specific hobbies or interests you can find groups relating to that where you can meet like-minded people.
  • Get in touch with people that you admire. Write them letters or emails and ask them for career advice. It can be awkward at first, but even if they do not reply, what do you have to lose? However, while doing so you must be respectful to their boundaries. 
  • Join clubs from your university.
  • Sign in a LinkedIn profile and keep it updated. LinkedIn is your online CV and a great platform to showcase your portfolio, work experience and education.
  • Approach people and make yourself approachable to others!
Gain Professional Experience Early on Volunteering/Internships/Placements
The work culture of Australia can be completely different from your home country. If you cannot make yourself familiar with the work culture of the country you are planning to start your career in, be ready to face some serious cultural shock. In order to avoid that, you have to gain as much experience as possible from volunteering, internships or placements. These can improve your employability and make you comfortable with the working environment. If you are currently in Sydney or Melbourne, you can check out Apollo International’s professional year programs that promise to boost your understanding of the Australian work environment. Not to mention, these programs include 3 months long internships which can be a great start for your career.
Seek Career Support Platforms in Your Institution
Every institution has some sort of career platform to support the students. Seek out those platforms. If your institution has a career website, turn on the notification for that website. Take help from the designated career counselor if you have any in your institution. Otherwise, talk to the teachers, senior students or even try to reach out to the alumni.
Get a Tax File Number
If you are preparing to start a career as an international student, you need to have a tax file number (TFN) and lodge an annual tax return. Having a Tax File Number is crucial if you are in Australia and want to earn money as an employee or business owner. Same goes for paying the minimum tax on the money you earn.
Know Where to Look for Jobs
You must have a clear idea on where to look for jobs if you are setting out to get one. You can search for jobs through your university’s career website. LinkedIn can also be a good way for getting job information. You should try to always keep your LinkedIn profile updated. Try to participate in your institution’s career club or job fairs if your institution holds any. In case of local jobs you can try visiting their offices and handing out your resume personally. It is also a good idea to keep in touch with a job agency. If you have a decent network, let them know that you are looking for jobs. Moreover, ask your professors to refer you to jobs in the field you are studying.
Improve Your English
Having a good command over English is a must for any international student. While being fluent in English can land you a good job in the earliest stage of your career, having difficulties with English can make you struggle even with mundane tasks of day to day life. If you do not want to make your life harder in a foreign place, you should give proper efforts to improve your English at a decent level. In Australia, students get enough opportunity to carry out part-time jobs beside their academic studies. Of course, the prerequisite of getting these jobs is to have good communication skills. Apollo International offers services such as IELTS training and PTE training aiming to help students to improve their skills over English language.
Moving into another country is a pretty big step in anyone’s life. You get to have a lot of experiences, some of which can be good and some of which can be bad. But most importantly it allows you to grow as a person. Once you settle in, you can find yourself amidst a plethora of opportunities that you would not have got if you were still in your home country. So, just stop worrying, get ready and set out on the journey to the top!

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