Do I Really Need to Do a Professional Year in Australia?

Last year around this time of the month I remember talking to a friend who decided to stay back here and look for a job after graduating from an Australian university. His professional life was, needless to say, a complete mess back then. Leaving your loved ones behind and moving to a foreign country is one thing, but starting a career there is a struggle on another level. Every country is different and so is their workplace culture. If you are not accustomed to a country’s work environment, you would most definitely face some serious cultural shock. This can even hamper your communication skill, which is one of the most basic prerequisites an employee is asked to have. My friend tried and tested a lot of things after that, but the one thing that helped him the most is a professional year program.
What is the Professional Year Program?
Professional Year Program or PYP is a career development program designed for young professionals to prepare them for their future employment in their chosen discipline by acting as a bridge between full time academic study and professional employment in Australia. Every year thousands of fresh graduates set out to hunt for their first job. It is not only daunting but also very challenging to secure a job in the Australian job market given the competitiveness we see every year. PY program can help you to combine your academic studies with real life workplace experience. It makes the students understand the Australian work environment better and allows them to get familiar with it.

Now you must be wondering if enrolling in a program like that is worth your time. Without further ado, let’s peek into the benefits it has to offer for you.

As mentioned earlier it helps you with the understanding of Australian workplace as well as the Australian society as a whole. 

It enhances your ability to communicate more fruitfully as an employee and you can learn a proper way to interact in a professional environment.

  • You will no longer feel like an outsider while looking for a job.
  • Professional year program includes a internship through which you can gain a first-hand experience and sharpen your practical knowledge. 
  • It definitely adds more value to your CV.
  • Upon completing the program successfully you can gain five migration points Australian PR application. 
  • You can take it as a way to network with your peers or professionals from other sectors.
  • It can increase your job opportunity and broaden your career prospects.
  • At the end of your program you will receive a professional year certificate.

Once you get your mind set on enrolling in a PY program, Apollo International can take care of the rest. It is organized to aid the global trainees who have graduated from any university in Australia in such a way that they can circulate their academic studies into professional experiences. Currently Apollo International is offering three courses-

  • IT Professional Year
  • Accounting Professional Year
  • Engineering professional year
These professional year programs run for 12 months which includes 7 months of classes and 3 months of internship. This prepares the young professionals to get into the Australian workforce. Moreover, Apollo International can guarantee you to have a better chance at getting hired upon successful completion of the internship program. For more information contact Apollo International and leave all your worry to us.
Each year the number of fresh graduates competing for one job is increasing radically. In order to make yourself worthy of getting the top spot you have to work extra hard and put more effort. In this era, it is not enough to have just theoretical knowledge. You can ace every exam and pass with flying colors, but when you break into the professional life, you get to understand that there is more to it. At that time, a professional year program can be just the thing you need. It is a wonderful way to ease you into the Australian workforce. Now that I have explained the basics of the professional year, you take a moment and tell me yourself, “is there really any reason to not do a professional year in Australia?”

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