Does PhD Make Getting PR in Australia Any Easier?


Australia is a beautiful country with beautiful sites like beaches, mountains and extra-ordinary cities and culture. This makes the land down under, a perfect destination to study, work and live.

In total, 43 universities are public and managed by the government. The number of students starting their Ph.D. programs is gradually rising. In Australia, Ph.D. is a journey of 4 years, while in the USA and Canada, Ph.D. requires 6 years. To study the Ph.D. program, students must interact with the supervisors for research work. The research work in Australia is globally recognized. Besides doing a Ph.D., a student can also do a part-time job to gain financial stability. However, that is often unnecessary since the university usually pays for accommodation and expenses and offers a stipend to Ph.D. students who do not have to pay the education fees. After an international student has completed their graduation, Australia provides a visa in the form of post graduation. On the other hand, only domestic students in Australia can take their research work for a half time while the international students have to take their research work on a full-time basis.


Currently, Australia only provides one type of visa known as subclass 500, a student visa. A student who wants to study for a Ph.D. can only get a student visa. Australia also provides 485 visas to skilled graduates, however, this visa is not for a lifetime. Before applying for a student visa, a student should confirm that he or she will complete the Ph.D. After they are done with their graduation, this visa permits the international students to shift to work for a short term period; the students can also travel and study in any area. Although, there is validity of this visa depends on what degree a student has chosen. If a student has completed their Bachelor’s degree, or Master degree or Master’s dissertation degree then they can stay for two years. An international student can live in Australia for three years if they have completed research work under a Master’s degree. If an international student has completed his Ph.D. in Australia, then they can stay for four years. Although, if the validity for the 485 visa ends up, then the international students can choose to apply for permanent residency. However, international students can face difficulty finding a permanent residency.


The immigration supremacy in Australia contemplates permanent residency based on some points. The points are based on: 

  • Age Group
  • Proficient Individual
  • Fluency in English
  • Schooling Credentials 
  • The course of Study in Australia
  • Linguistic community
  • Learning in Regional Australia
  • Inter-organizational ability
  • Ace in Australia

However, international students will only receive permanent residency if they can prove that their skills are not matched by local Australians. International students should have work experience with an organization for skill qualification. If the international students visit Australia for two years of Bachelor’s degree, it reduces the chance for the student to get permanent residency in Australia. Also, if the student has not applied for a post-study working visa, it is again difficult to get a permanent residence in Australia. The international students doing a Master’s by research work and Doctorate are more likely to get permanent residency as they can stay in Australia for three consecutive years. There is an age limit to receive permanent residence between 25 and 30 years old. Although, the international students aged from 18 to 25 years and those aged from 33 to 39 years can also receive permanent residency. If an international student thinks that they have completed the requirements, they can take the Australian Skilled Visa Assessment. However, the system of getting permanent residency keeps changing abruptly. International students should apply for post-graduation after they have finished their graduation.

There are several reasons for applying for a student visa to do p.H.D in Australia.

    • Prominent Research Work: Australia is considered prominent in research work. Their research paper is well recognized internationally.
    • Doctorate Flexibility: Some specific courses are offered only by the universities in Australia. Ayers Rock university offers Marine Biology, a unique course offered by the university. 


In conclusion, the international students in Australia should maintain the criteria as per the instructions provided to get permanent residency. However, getting a p.H.d does add points under your belt, making you a valuable candidate for Australian permanent residency.

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