Highest Paying Jobs in Australia

Are you looking for the highest-paying jobs in Australia? I have compiled a list of Australia’s highest-paying jobs using tax returns from over 14 million Australians acquired by the Australian Tax Office for the 2018-19 financial year, as well as additional data from Seek and Business Insider Australia. Medical practitioners, predictably, are among the highest-paid occupations, and with good reason: they need extensive study, hard labor, intense pressure, and long hours. However, because there are hundreds of medical specialties, I’ve grouped a few of them together to give you a clearer understanding of which jobs pay the most in different industries.

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Australia


Surgeons are medical specialists who consult with, examine, and operate on patients who are sick, injured or deformed. Because there are several types of surgeons, the type of surgery, expertise, and qualifications all have a big impact on one’s wage, this average income can be misleading. Neurosurgeons were the highest-paid medical specialists, earning an average of $600,387, followed by reconstructive surgeons at $500,269 and ophthalmologists at $533,511.

Average Salary: $394,303

Internal Medicine Specialists

Internal medicine specialists are trained to diagnose, manage, and treat a wide range of complex, sometimes difficult-to-identify health problems. They frequently consult with other practitioners and may specialize in areas such as infectious illnesses, cardiology, geriatric medicine, or rheumatology.

Average Salary: $304,752



Anesthetists help surgical patients prepare for their treatment by providing pain relief, preparing for surgery, and implementing a patient care plan before, during, and after the procedure.

Average Salary: $386,065


Financial Dealers Analyze

In order to buy and sell commodities for profit, financial dealers analyze social trends, market conditions, and government regulations, as well as analyze and interpret their clients’ financial circumstances.

Average Salary: $275,984



Psychiatrists specialize in diagnosing and treating mental diseases, including psychotherapy, treatment plans, laboratory testing and assessment, drug prescriptions, and hospital admissions.

Average Salary:  $235,558


Medical Practitioners

Medical practitioners, as previously said, come in a wide range of functions and pay tiers. With an average salary of nearly $450,000, cardiologists, orthopedic specialists, and gastroenterologists are among the most competitive and well-paid medical practitioners. General practitioners, pediatricians, orthodontists, dentists, periodontists, obstetricians, and other medical professionals are also available. There are a plethora of specialization possibilities available, and the one you choose will most likely be determined by your hobbies and the demographic you want to help.

Average salary: $222,933


Mining Engineers

Mining engineers are responsible for assessing, designing, and supervising a mine’s construction. They discover possible development locations by working with geologists and conducting surveys off mineral resources, as well as managing to staff and putting in place safety systems and procedures. They’re also in charge of restoring the mines to their previous state once mining is finished.

Average salary: $184,507


Enterprise and Systems Architect Manager

Enterprise and systems architect managers are in charge of managing and directing the organization’s IT networks, including everything from upgrading and improving services to overseeing software and hardware implementation and installation. They are in charge of enterprise architects, software architects, and other IT experts, and they are the big picture people for their company’s IT performance.

Average salary: $168,762

Chief Executive Officer

A chief executive officer, sometimes known as a managing director, is the highest-ranking executive of a corporation, in charge of overseeing operations, organization, personnel, and resources. General managers are in charge of developing business plans, budgets, and strategies, as well as spotting threats to the company’s efficiency, productivity, and, ultimately, profitability.

Average salary: $164,896


Engineering Manager

Engineering managers supervise teams of engineers and, depending on the organization or agency they work for, are in charge of planning technical operations, civil engineering, and construction projects. Budgets, timetables, and the establishment of quality and safety processes are among the day-to-day tasks, as are hiring, activity coordination, and consulting with other department heads.

Average salary: $159,940


Senior Executive

A company’s senior executive role is in charge of managing the company’s immediate and long-term operations, organization, personnel, and resources. VP’s is in charge of managing training procedures to upskill, educate, or manage personnel, as well as assisting with day-to-day operations, business plans, budgets, and strategies, and spotting hazards that could affect the company’s efficiency, productivity, and, ultimately, profitability.

Average salary: $151,358


If you have a passion for medical, law, finance, business, or information technology, you can probably make a good living doing it. Education, job experience, and a genuine enthusiasm for your work are common themes among the top 10, so be sure your abilities and knowledge are well-honed.

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