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Chinese students in Australia are already quarantined

The popular wisdom doing the rounds this summer is that sometimes it takes a crisis to reveal our true qualities. But if the bushfires etched a portrait of the courage and generosity of ordinary people, the coronavirus is laying bare Australia’s complicated and not always edifying relationship with China and its people, especially its students. The Chinese international students at Australian universities were already struggling to fit in; the pandemic makes that challenge even tougher. New coronavirus cases confirmed in Australia overnight Two new cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in Australia overnight, bringing the total number of infected to nine. In case there was any doubt, the virus has illuminated just how much our good fortune is tied to that of our paramount trading partner and emerging regional superpower. The world’s most populous nation dominates Australia’s top export sectors, iron ore, coal, and education – which the current headlines show isn’t limited to higher education where enrolments from China exceed 164,000 this year. There are more than 12,000 mostly fee-paying students from China enrolled in our schools, public and private, the numbers doubling in just five years. Source :

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