Post Graduate Degree in Canada- One vs Two Years

A Postgraduate diploma is a shorter version of a Master’s degree where the students are required to complete 120 credits, while in a Master’s degree, the students are required to complete 180 credits. There is also a shorter degree, a Postgraduate diploma, and a postgraduate certificate where the students have to complete only 60 credits. In Canada, more than 6,00,000 students are admitted to different universities of Canada. Also, Canada is a popular choice for higher studies for Bangladeshi students. Canada has a multicultural environment, so international students are encouraged to select Canada for analysis. The universities in Canada save an immense amount of public spending. Canada is considered a significant country in its high quality of life. The two languages that are mostly used in Canada are English and French, and students can adapt to a new language and renovate their skills. The students studying in Canada can receive a work allowance after graduation. The students do postgraduate diplomas after completing their Bachelor’s degree and before the Master’s degree. One year is required to complete a Postgraduate diploma degree. The students can stretch postgraduate degrees longer to achieve a Master’s degree, for example, for Master of Arts and Sciences. A postgraduate diploma is becoming famous because the duration is shorter and cheaper than a Master’s degree. 

Students are required to fulfill the basic criteria to get admitted into a Postgraduate diploma degree:

  • The students must show the documents of their completion of the Bachelor’s degree.
  •  Also, a student must have work experience to apply for post graduation to get into a Canadian University. 
  • The students must show the IELTS results to prove their fluency in speaking English. A minimum score of 6 is required.
  • In some cases, Graduate Record Admission (GRE) results are recognized if particular programs are followed, such as Master in Finance or Master of Business Administration. 

There are top 10 subject areas for a postgraduate degree. 

  • Broadcasting and newspaper publishing
  • Engineering
  • Mathematics, Data Science and Analytics
  • Business Finance and Management
  • Hydroelectricity
  • Cultivation and Arboriculture
  • Medical and Healthcare
  • Psychology
  • Anthropology and Biotechnology
  • Information and Technology and CSE

Top universities are offering two years of postgraduate diploma courses:

  • Centennial College, Ontario
  • University of Winnipeg 
  • North Island College, British Columbia
  • College of New Caledonia, British Columbia
  • Simon Simon Frasier University
  • McMaster University
  • Fleming College, Ontario
  • Humber College, Ontario
  • Lambton College, Ontario
  • Fanshawe College, Ontario
  • St. Lawrence College, Ontario

Several degrees help to get a permanent residency in Canada:

  • Master’s of Business Administration
  • Master of Science in Computer Science and Information and Technology
  • Master of Science in Data Science
  • Master of Science in Big Data
  • Master of Science in Finance
  • Master of Science in Banking
  • Master of Science/ Technology in Civil Engineering
  • Master of Science/ Technology in Mechanical Engineering

In Canada, universities offer students one or two years of postgraduate diplomas, and the universities help them expand their skills. With those skills, the students can increase their employability in selected departments. This one year of postgraduate involves two or three semesters in total. 

On the other hand, a two-year postgraduate diploma degree includes four to six semesters in total. The advantage of doing two years of post-graduation in Canada is that it allows you to work for three years. Canada is the famous end of the line for the postgraduate courses, particularly in these areas like tourism, hotel management, and supply chain management. After the student has completed their post-graduation in Canada, they would like to receive a permanent residency in Canada. Around the world, as the high skills professionals are increasing, there are multiple graduate diplomas and certificate courses offered by Canada to the students. Canada offers full two years postgraduates courses. For instance, Tourism Experience Management, Strategic Management, and Global Business Management. 

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