Pre-Master’s Degree in Australia, Is It Really Worth Your Time?


A master’s preparation program may be the perfect solution if you wish to acquire a master’s degree from an Australian university but don’t meet the entry requirements. A graduate preparation program (also known as a Pre-pathway) Master’s can assist you in preparing for and obtaining admission to a master’s degree program.

These courses provide you access to top universities in Australia and the US that you might not have been able to get into otherwise. You can start your route to a degree and career success by choosing from various degree courses and universities in fantastic Australian locations.

What is a pre-masters degree?

If you’ve been considering pursuing a postgraduate qualification, particularly a master’s degree, you’ve probably come across pre-programs master’s throughout your research. The differences between the Qualifications and courses are not always apparent or why you’d apply for or enroll in a pre-master program. We examine pre-masters courses and programs in greater depth, decoding the jargon.

Pre-Master programs offer overseas students a straight route to various university postgraduate degrees. These programs provide you with the academic tools to complete your master’s degree, such as academic writing, attentive listening skills, a basic understanding of academic terminologies, and the confidence to succeed. Pre-master courses include a variety of disciplines, study skills, and English language training tailored to fit the needs of international students. The completion time for Pre-programs masters programs is in 12 months.

Scopes of pre-masters in Australia

Thousands of students from all over the world apply each year to study at Australian institutions to improve their academic talents. Nonetheless, not all of them are successful in meeting the admission requirements. Some people change their minds about what they want to do with their lives, and their undergraduate courses don’t match their new passions. Others lack the English language proficiency required for advanced-level English-taught courses, while others wish they could start a master’s degree with a firmer foundation. A pre-masters system is for you if you fit into these categories.

A pre-program master’s curriculum is for international students who want a solid foundation before beginning their postgraduate studies. This type, of course, provides students with the necessary theoretical principles and practical tools for a specific subject of study. Students take classes to improve their academic writing skills, increase their language skills, and familiarize themselves with academic terminologies before beginning a complete degree.

A pre-course master’s fits the students’ demands. It could be a subject-related course or English language instruction. A program like this is usually a short-term course that lasts no longer than a year. Pre-master courses include a variety of disciplines, study skills, and English language training, all of which meet the needs of international students. Pre-programs master’s are typically completed in 12 months.

Requirements for pre-masters in Australia

A pre-master course is a godsend for overseas students who do not meet the entry standards of their preferred educational institutions. Yet, to enroll in a pre-program or master’s, you must complete specific conditions.

While the requirements may differ from one institution to the next, the following are some common characteristics to look for in the entrance criteria for a pre-masters course in the United Kingdom:

An internationally recognized higher-level diploma in your topic of interest
An undergraduate degree in your field of interest that is recognized
A bachelor’s degree with honors in any subject

A minimum IELTS band of 5.5 or equivalent is required for a two-term pre-masters, while for a three-term pre-masters, a minimum IELTS band of 5.0 or similar.

Notable universities with courses that offer pre-masters

1. Kaplan Business School

Course: Postgraduate Qualifying Program

The Postgraduate Qualifying Program from Kaplan Business School is for students who don’t quite meet the entry requirements for a master’s degree. It will allow you to begin your postgraduate studies faster and with greater confidence at one of Australia’s highest-quality education providers.

2. Edith Cowan College

Course: Postgraduate Qualifying Program

The Postgraduate Qualifying Program – Business is a one-semester non-award program for students with tertiary qualifications who do not meet direct entry into Edith Cowan College’s master’s programs (ECU).

3. La Trobe College Australia

Course: Postgraduate Enabling Program-Business

The business stream of La Trobe College Australia’s Postgraduate Enabling Program – Business prepares students for various master’s degrees in business at La Trobe University.

4. Deakin College

Course: Masters Qualifying Program (Business and Law)

The Masters Qualifying Program (Business and Law) provides a high-quality pathway to Deakin University’s Business postgraduate programs.

5. METC Institute

Course: GAMSAT Foundations

METC Institute’s GAMSAT Foundations is a GAMSAT prep course aimed for all-around performance in GAMSAT Sections I, II, and III. All METC Institute GAMSAT courses help students achieve a high score on the GAMSAT.

Why is pre-masters beneficial?

Obtaining a master’s degree in the United Kingdom necessitates a significant amount of time and devotion.
Even if you have strong grades on your undergraduate transcript, this does not guarantee that you will be able to succeed in today’s extremely competitive and demanding workplace.
It’s also critical to fill in the gaps in your learning if you’re returning to school after a vacation.
One of the most significant benefits of a pre-program master’s is that it prepares you for subject knowledge.
You’ll feel more confident and motivated to achieve your full-time degree if you know you have all the resources you need.
Developing a solid conceptual foundation will help you absorb complex topics more quickly, making your academic path a breeze.
Furthermore, you would have had plenty of practice writing academic essays, theses, and research papers during your pre-master.
You will be able to concentrate entirely on your research rather than worrying about the time and work required to write a research report.
The technical abilities you learn during a pre-master program will benefit you as a master’s student.
The time you spend on such a course will help you better comprehend the UK’s environment, culture, and way of life.
It is natural to experience culture shock or homesickness when you are studying abroad alone.
A pre-course master’s will allow you to adjust and adapt before beginning your degree.


While the pre-program master’s is not for everyone, it helped me gain confidence and improve my English academic skills. So, if you need to enhance your English or obtain a basic understanding of your subject before enrolling in a long-term program, I would strongly advise you to enroll in a pre-program. To prepare for your dream master’s degree, find your pre-program master’s immediately with the help of any professional counselors! Get in touch with us right away! Don’t let the obstacles deter you if you have a clear future objective insight and are prepared to attain it.

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