Pros of studying in regional Australia


You’re probably imagining yourself in one of Australia’s famous major cities, such as Sydney or Melbourne if you’re thinking about studying there. You may not realize it, but regional Australia is a viable option for many international students.

Outside of the big cities, there are a number of higher education institutions in regional and rural Australia that allow you to experience ‘the real Australia.’ Regional institutions provide a lovely leisurely lifestyle, a more personalized university experience, gorgeous natural surroundings, and additional migration opportunities, to name a few.

Pros of Studying in Regional Australia

Peaceful Way of Life

Living in regional Australia has numerous advantages. In comparison to cities, the pace of life in regional Australia is slower. Regional Australian students are often more laid-back, so you may feel like you’re on vacation all of the time! Even those who work appeared relaxed, and the workload appeared to be less demanding.

Gaining bonus points for migrating

One of the main benefits of studying in regional Australia for international students is that they gain 5 extra points. When applying for permanent residency, these five bonus points are quite crucial.

A Post-Study Work Visa can be extended for an additional year

The ability to secure a post-study work visa is one of the benefits of living in regional Australia. According to the Australian government, international students studying in regional Australia will be granted an additional year of Post Study work visa. This visa permits students to return to Australia to work full-time after completing their education.

Living Cost

In comparison to the cities, regional Australia has a cheaper cost of living. One of the reasons why international students opt to study in remote Australia is because of this. To put things in perspective, a one-bedroom apartment in Adelaide costs roughly $1360 per month, whereas a one-bedroom flat in Sydney costs $2602 per month.

Learn more about Australian culture

Only in remote Australia can you see the authentic Australian culture. While Australian cities are diverse, Australian towns are the polar opposite, with fewer migrants. You will have the opportunity to view, live in, and experience the typical Australian atmosphere.

Atmosphere in the Classroom Is Calm

The natural splendor of the surroundings is well-known at several area universities. From tropical rainforests to white sand beaches, rolling hills, red deserts, and the characteristic ‘bush,’ Australia has it all. Regional institutions are the finest places to learn about Australia’s natural environment.

A sense of belonging

Regional university campuses are often smaller, which means there is a stronger sense of community and it is simpler to meet and get to know people. Because the majority of other students will be living in the same neighborhood, it will be simple to hook up with friends after class. It is far more difficult to get lost in a crowd on a regional campus, and you are more likely to feel welcomed, so you may anticipate quickly adjusting to your new study and living environment.

Advanced Education

Secondary school, university, TAFE, and English language education are all available in regional locations. Regional city campuses offer a diverse range of subjects, many of which are customized to the region’s strengths. A site in Adelaide’s Barossa Valley may provide a specialty winemaking degree, a location in Far North Queensland may offer a variety of tropical courses, or a campus on the New South Wales coast may specialize in marine biology. In rural areas, there are also a number of medical and dental schools that prepare people to (ideally) work in these areas.

Better understanding of Australian culture

Several students may note that isolated schools have a smaller student population than universities in major cities, meaning that students can easily meet and get to know one another. Consider the population of Townsville, which is home to James Cook University, one of Australia’s most prestigious universities.

Explore the ‘true Australia’.

The magnificence of Australia’s natural environment is well-known around the world. Australia has it all, from tropical rainforests and snow-capped mountains to white sand beaches, rolling valleys, red deserts, and the distinctive ‘bush’. Regional campuses are the greatest places to get away from the city and really get to know Australia’s natural surroundings. You’ll have the opportunity to learn about the country and take advantage of the incredible lifestyle choices it provides.


In conclusion, living and studying in a regional area will provide you with a unique edge if you plan to seek permanent residency in Australia after your studies are completed. In the Department of Immigration and Citizenship’s points test for skilled migration visa applications, studying in a regional area will get you five more points. If you’re an international student seeking student housing, please fill out the form on this site.

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