What are My Part Time Work Opportunities in the UK as a Bangladeshi Student?

Doing a part time job is quite common for international students in a foreign country. Although, the reason behind that can be many, the most conventional reason is to support themselves financially. For Bangladeshi students, first world countries are in top priority for higher studies. It is needless to say, the living expenses as well as the tuition fees are pretty high there. Unless you get a fully funded scholarship, life can get very hard for you. UK has been one of the most favorite higher study destinations for Bangladeshi students. It is a common knowledge to all of us, how devastatingly expensive UK can get when it comes to higher studies. In spite of that, no one can deny, it has quite a number of top quality Universities and hence people desire to study in the UK. Thankfully though, UK permits international students to do part time jobs and there is a wide range of jobs available for students. These jobs not only bring students the financial stability that they thrive for, but also allow them to gain real life experiences. 

While UK student visa allows an international student to take up part time jobs, it has certain rules and regulations. If you are enrolled in a full time degree program, you cannot work more than 20 hours a week. That makes working at most 4 hours per day. Also, the duration decreases into 10 hours per week if you are in a course term for the language. However, in session breaks you can work for 40 hours per week or hours a day with weekends off. But, you cannot join any company as a full-time employee until you get a post-study work visa. The reason for this time limitation is to keep you study and work in balance, so that you do not hamper your study in course of earning money.

The jobs that are available to international students are of two kinds. They are on-campus and off-campus jobs. As the name suggests on campus jobs are the type of jobs that are available inside the university campus. University campus generally requires staffs in the library, computer labs, receptions, gyms, cafeteria etc. These jobs are usually in high demands. Due to the limited positions, many students are unable to get these jobs. On the other hand, off-campus jobs are relatively easy to get. These jobs include office boy, receptionist, waiter, data entry etc. To take up an off-campus jobs students are required to take permissions from their universities. 

UK offers a wide variety of jobs for international students. Most of the jobs do not require any hard skills. Nevertheless, a part-time job can be a great opportunity to set the students off to their professional life. Here is a list for top part time jobs in UK and their payment in Bangladeshi currency per hour.


Salary (Per Hour)


916.32 Taka – 1030.6 Taka

Delivery Boy

458.16 Taka – 687.24 Taka


916.32 Taka – 1145.40 Taka

Library Assistant

1145.40 Taka – 2290.80 Taka


1374.47 Taka – 1603.56 Taka


1317.20 Taka


1145.40 Taka – 2061.72 Taka


1298.88 Taka

Customer Service

1145.40 Taka


1030.86 Taka

HGV Class 1 Driver

1317.20 Taka – 2829.14 Taka

Female Care Assistant

1782.24 Taka

Registered Nurse

2935.66 Taka – 3543.6 Taka

Health Services

1237.03 Taka


1021.70 Taka  – 1869.29 Taka

Children Contact Supervisor

998.79 Taka


Students can also get online jobs. Doing an online job is fairly easy as it just needs a laptop and a stable internet connection, both of which are available in UK. There are many varieties of online job a student can get his hands on. Online jobs can also be really time efficient and less hectic as they can be done from home. You can look for these jobs to do from home:

Work from Home Jobs

Salary (Per Hour)

Private Tutor

4008.07 Taka – 6870.98 Taka

Marketing Researcher

2290.33 Taka – 34354.87 Taka

Data Entry

429.43 Taka


3435.49 Taka – 9161.29 Taka


In order to get a part time job, you have to prepare a detailed resume with your educational qualifications, skills and experiences. There are several different ways one can get a job. You can look for jobs in local newspapers. There are many websites which post circulars for different jobs. You can keep an eye on these websites or even turn on the notification. LinkedIn can be a really good source to build up your professional identity. Many employers hire people looking into their LinkedIn profiles. So, try to keep your profile updated. A strong social network can also help you to get a part time job. Let your friends and seniors know that you are looking for a job. Furthermore, You can also take help from your university’s recruitment team. These teams usually have connections with companies that hire students for part time. 

Part-time jobs can benefit you in a lot of ways. Aside from helping you with your student loans, it can provide you with a lot of real life experience, and not to mention, you can develop your professional skills too. Besides, UK is giving the international students wonderful opportunities to take up part time jobs in a most convenient way, and you should make the best use out of it.

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