What is Adelaide like for international students

Adelaide, South Australia’s cosmopolitan coastal capital city is home to 1.3 million (2016 stat) people and ranked 3rd in world’s most livable cities (2021 economic intelligence unit’s global livability Index). The city is said to be the perfect place for studying and we have strong reasons to say so. Despite being small enough to get around, it has all the big city life advantages and is one of the least expensive cities with one of the highest standards of living. It’s a leading education city; got top universities with world class courses, full of wonders, warm welcomes, incredible foods, festivals, museums and churches with historical momentums. And with its Mediterranean climate you’ll get to enjoy hot & dry summers and mild winters. Adelaide is a great choice for international students. You’ll have access to part time jobs that pays really well and the place is perfectly positioned just a short drive from some of Australia’s most unique regions. Here nothing is too far. It’s even nicknamed twenty minutes city as you can get anywhere in 20 minutes from here. South Australia offers you all- city, suburban and country life all in one place. 




 25-35 degree

Hot & Dry



20-25 degree

Mainly Dry



9.1-14.5 degree

Cool- Wet



20-25 degree

Little rain

Living Cost: 

Living cost in Adelaide is 14% less than other major cities of Australia. Here transport fees start from 2.15 AUD. On arrival to settle in you’ll need access to around 3000 AUD (depending on rental cost and lifestyle). Other than that it will take 300-400 AUD per week to cover the living cost (also depending on lifestyle and rental). SAIBT estimates that a student would need approximately 14000-19000 AUD per year for accommodation, food, textbook, transport, entertainment, recreation and other personal expenses. The city has access to a whole range of restaurants, shops, Living places, and public transports with ease. 




Accommodation(shared or single)

AUD 120-380

AUD 480-1520


AUD 90-130

AUD 360-520



AUD 60-160


AUD 20-40

AUD 80-160


AUD 35-50

AUD 140-200


AUD 50+

AUD 200+


AUD 330-645

AUD 1320-2580

University and education opportunities:

 Australia is reputed for its world class education. The Education Index (UN’s human Development Index, 2018) listed Australia the 2nd highest in the world and Adelaide isn’t any different. 

Top 4 Universities of Adelaide

  • Torrens University (As the country’s fastest-growing university, Torrens University Australia brings a fresh approach to higher education and with globally recognized qualification you’ll be equipped to work anywhere in the world.)


  • Flinders University (Flinders is ranked as the number one South Australian University for undergraduate teaching quality and student support.)

  • University of South Australia ( the University of South Australia is an open research institution that is associated with the Association of Commonwealth Universities, Australian Technology Network, and Universities Australia and is South Australia’s no.1 university for graduate career.) 


  • University of Adelaide (The University is consistently ranked in the top 1% of the world’s university and is recognized globally as a leading research university.)


Nearly 36000 international students from 120 countries around the globe are in South Australia among which 20000 are from Universities Living on and off city. You can get a Bachelor degree, Master’s degree or PhD in pretty much every subject including Business, art and media, public health and teaching. Even there’s option for great vocational education and English courses. 

Job opportunities:

 The opal capital has many opportunities for part time jobs from a wide range of industries. You can do internships in industries related to your field of studies. This way you can earn and gain experiences for future stable jobs. Plus all thus is a great chance for exploring and collecting new skills. Students entitled to student Visa can earn a minimum of 19.49 AUD per hour both on and off campus and can work up to 20 hours a week. You can do Catering and hospitality business, retail and warehouse staff, office and retail cleaning industry, health and aged care, car wash and automotive industry, painting and construction, different office jobs and many more!


Application Process:

The application process is simple but would require some preparation.

Step 1: Choose your course and education provider. Go through corses and find out what suits you and your career goal

Step 2: Apply. Once you have figured out what you want to study, apply.

Step 3: Have your application processed. Gather all the required documents and everything needed for application process.

Step 4: Accept your offer.

Step 5: Prepare for departure. Apply for your student visa, health insurance and accommodation.

Adelaide has established institutions across all areas of education. The universities rank in top 2% globally. People here live relaxed but vibrant life. It’s got-

  • Great public transport system
  • Quality of life
  • Top notch universities
  • Affordability
  • Attractions
  • Food 
  • Livability
  • Ten gigabit city
  • Great internship and employment opportunities

And if you are looking for a chaos free vigorous life, Adelaide’s the perfect fit.

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