What Is It Like to Live in Toronto Canada as An International University Student

International students find it challenging to get their Temporary Graduate Visa 485 because of the current COVID-19 epidemic. Any person with a valid visa can apply for the Visa Subclass 485. Even though the

Toronto is a mega city of Canada where people with a variety of cultures move around the city. Toronto is the central point of business and finance. After New York and Los Angeles, Toronto consists of immense film industries. Toronto has the high esteem Universities and it also welcomes international students to admit in their universities from over 160 countries. Additionally, the costs of living and the university fees are relatively less than the USA. Behind Vancouver, British Columbia, Toronto is considered as the second most expensive city because the population of the country is increasing and the rate of the population has been increased to 1.4%. Based on scholarships and merits, students apply and get selected in various universities of Canada usually because of their ambitiousness, their academic performances and dedication. After successfully completing the 3 years of education for example- 2 years of post graduation in any university of Canada and 1 year of part time work experience students are allowed to get a fixed abode in Canada. The benefits that international students would receive by studying in Canada is that it assists to build self esteem and expand an individual and professional networks. Besides studies, students can also enjoy their lives to refresh their moods as there are various cafeterias, eateries and shopping malls. Canada is very superior in terms of education. The government gave permission to the international students to do part time jobs to support their expenses while studying. Per week students have to work for 20 hours.

Many people with different cultures move into the city of Canada, also this encourages students to find their locality like Chinese people, Korean, Italian and Portuguese people mainly live there. English is widely spoken in Canada, so it is easy for the international students to interact with other students and teachers. French is considered as the second official language in Canada. It is a great opportunity for the international students to communicate with peers of different cultures and to spread culture awareness. Besides these, Toronto is transportation friendly to the international students, they can pay money by using a presto card and half of the cost is required to travel. Canada also allows students to choose any houses within a range of C$500 to C$5000 in a month. near their universities to reduce time consumption. The cost of living and studying basically depends on the university and course chosen by the students. Some of the universities also provide health insurance to their dear students. Depending on the lifestyle an international student choses, they have to pay the living costs that start from C$700 to C$5000. However, to ensure a comfortable life in Toronto, an international student should apply for a student visa. 

As we can state by looking at the graph, the number of international students at Ontario universities has increased over the course of six years. In 2010-2011, the number of international students admitted in the universities of Canada were 30,985.  In the years 2011-2012, the international students admitted were 34,348. In 2012-2013, 38,678 international students got admitted to universities in Ontario. 43.159 international students have taken admission in the universities in the years 2013-2014. In 2014-2025, we can see in the graph that 48,608 international students got admitted. During 2015-2016, the number of international students was 53,085.  In the years 2016-2017, the number of international students increased to 58,406. Overall, as we can see in the graph, there is 88.5% growth in the course of six years. There is a huge difference over the six years and the difference is 58,406 – 30,985 = 27,421 which means the number of international students increased to 27,421 in the course of six years. 

In conclusion, it can be stated that the universities in Canada give financial benefits to the students by providing them with health insurance. Also, give scholarships to students who conquered academic excellence successfully. The proportion of benefits offered by the universities of Toronto outweighs the disadvantages. Additionally, they allow multicultural people to move to the country which helps the international students to find their culture in a different region. Also, English is considered as their first language so it makes it easy for the international students to communicate with the people as the language English is globally integrated and is quite familiar to everyone and especially to the international students. The city lights can also create enthusiasm among the international students to roam around the city. There are various eating houses which can cheer the moods of the international students. Also, after completing graduation the international students can get jobs in the financial sectors, in the manufacturing companies, in the information and technology sector and in the banks. In a vast number of companies international students can also get selected for an internship as per their degree. The job market is expanding and is persistently secured which allows the international students to join in the job market sector after completing their graduation. 

Department of Home Affairs has not issued a formal statement, we will address the most recent modifications to the visa application. There are so many agencies to help the students deal with the situation. One of the best agencies is Apollo International. Apollo International is a migration and education agency that connects students with educational institutions based on their goals, course interests, and budget. Since its founding, it has given personalized help to customers during their relocation trips and helped them embark on their academic journey. Agencies like Apollo International, understand the underlying decision and processing involved in assessing for moving are difficult for both students. Also, they are trying to make these breakthroughs and obstacles as painless as possible for children and their families by giving practical information. They maintain a continuous contract with the admissions and academic departments of the institutions with which they work.

There are some frequently asked standard questions about subclass 485 visas that everyone wants to know.

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