What is the Australian Point System for immigration?

Australian Point System for immigration
For anybody wishing to migrate to another country, Australia has always been a popular choice. The country has some good features, such as a thriving economy, which means more job opportunities. Australia provides a higher level of life as well as a calm and harmonious multicultural environment. In Australia, immigrants can apply for a permanent residency visa. The Australian PR visa is valid for five years. You and your family can relocate to Australia with a PR visa. You can apply for citizenship after three years in Australia on an Australian PR visa. In Australia, permanent residency is carefully regulated. Australia awards about 190,000 permanent visas each year. The vast majority of these positions are for highly trained professionals.
The Advantages of Having a PR Visa
  • In Australia, you have the freedom to live and go wherever you choose.
  •  In Australia, you can pursue higher education and apply for educational loan
  • After two years of having an Australia PR visa, you are entitled for Social Security benefits.
  • If your relatives match specific conditions, you may be able to assist them with their PR.
  • With a PR visa, you can apply for government positions.
  • You may travel to New Zealand and apply for a visa at any time.
Requirements For General Eligibility

There are several categories in which you may apply for an Australia PR visa, each with its own set of criteria. However, the following are the typical eligibility criteria:

Requirement For Points: Your eligibility for a PR visa is determined by your point total. Under the Points Grid, you must score at least 65 points. The following table outlines the various score criteria:

Category and Points

  • Age is a factor (25-32 years) – 30 points
  • Proficiency in English (8 bands) – 20 points
  • Working in a country other than Australia (8-10 years) – 15 points
  •  Australia Work Experience (8-10 years) – 20 points
  • Outside of Australia, education consists of a doctorate degree – 20 points
  • In Australia, specialized talents such as a doctorate or master’s degree earned via research are valued – 10 point 
  • Studying in a regional setting – 5 points
  • In the community language, accredited – 5 points
  • In Australia, you can spend a professional year in a skilled program – 5 points
  • Sponsorship by the government (190 visa) – 5 points
  • De facto partner or skilled spouse (Age, Skills & English language requirements to be met) – 10 points
  • ‘Competent English’ spouse or de facto partner (There is no need to fulfill the skill requirement or the age requirement.) – 5 points
  • Applicants who do not have a spouse or de facto partner, or whose spouse is a citizen or PR holder of Australia – 10 points
  • Sponsorship from a relative or an area (491 visa) – 15 points
To apply for a PR visa, you must be under 45 years old.

Proficiency in English

You should be able to demonstrate that you have a proficient command of the English language.

SOLs (Skilled Occupation Lists)

The applicant must select an occupation from the following list of skilled occupations. The vocations that are now permitted for migrating to Australia are included on the list. The listings of occupations are updated on a regular basis to reflect changes in the Australian labor market. The SOL is divided into three categories:

  • Strategic Skills List for the Medium and Long Term
  • List of Short-Term Skilled Occupations
  • List of Regional Occupations
Eligibility Points Requirement for PR Visa

The minimum point requirement for a PR visa is 65; the higher your score on the eligibility calculation, the better your chances of being invited to apply for Australian permanent residency. If you score 80 to 85 points, you may be eligible for a faster invitation to apply for a PR visa.

What factors go into determining qualifying points?

The 65 points that must be earned are determined by the following criteria:

Age: If you’re between the ages of 25 and 32, you’ll get a maximum of 30 points.

Age and Points

  • 18 to 24 years -25 points
  • 25-32 years – 30 points
  • 33-39 years – 25 points
  • 40-44 years – 15 points

Proficiency in English

A maximum of 20 points can be earned with an IELTS score of 8 bands. The Australian immigration authorities, on the other hand, enable candidates to take an English proficiency exam, including IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, and others. In any of these examinations, you can attempt to get the needed scor

Previous Work Experience

Skilled work outside of Australia with more than 8 years of experience in the previous 10 years will get you 15 points; fewer years of experience will earn you fewer points.

Skilled Employment Outside Australia and Points
  • 3 years or less – 0 points
  • 3 to 4 years – 5 points
  • 5 to 7 years – 10 points
  • 8 to 10 years – 15 points

The educational qualification determines the number of points awarded for the education requirement. A doctoral degree from an Australian institution or a doctorate from a university outside Australia that is recognized by the Australian government receives the most marks.

Qualifications and Points

  • Outside of Australia, a doctorate degree from an Australian institution or institute – 20 points
  • Outside Australia, a Bachelor’s (or Master’s) degree from an Australian institution or institute – 15 points
  • Completion of a diploma or trade certification in Australia – 10 points
  • Any qualification or award for your specified skilled vocation that has been recognized by the applicable evaluating authority – 10 points
  • In the STEM areas, a master’s degree by research or a doctorate degree from an Australian educational institution -10 points
Application For a Spouse

If your spouse is also applying for a PR visa, you will receive bonus points for your Skill Select Expression of Interest. Your spouse must complete the following standards in order to receive the additional 10 points:

  • You must be under 45 years old.
  • Should be able to communicate at a basic level in English.
  • In the same occupation list as the primary candidate list, the job occupation code should display.

According to the modifications in Australia’s points-based system that took effect in November 2019, applicants can earn points for their spouse application depending on the following factors. More information may be found in the table below:

Spouse Qualification and Points

  • Spouse is an Australian citizen or holds a PR visa – 10 points
  • Spouse speaks English well and has a Good Skill Assessment – 10 points
  • Spouse only speaks English fluently – 5 points
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