What’s Brisbane like for International Students

In Australia Brisbane is the third biggest city and it is the capital of Queensland. There are numerous universities in Brisbane. Additionally, there are two main universities in Brisbane and those are: The University of Queensland and The Queensland University of Technology. Approximately, the growth of the students admitted in Brisbane has increased to 78,000 per year because of its educational services, standard of living and soothing beaches. However, the students should look at the costs of the courses to cut out the extra expenses, so students can also weigh up the costs offered by each university in Brisbane. In Brisbane, the universities offer some of the courses and those are:

  • Law
  • Medicine
  • Marketing
  • Information and Technology
  • Biotechnology

 There are several benefits that the students receive:

  • The universities in Brisbane offer financial benefits to the international students. The students .
  • As a student, the house rent is decreased, also electricity bills and internet bills are involved in the rent. 
  • The students receive a 25% discount in the transportation costs.
  • In Brisbane, the groceries are less costly compared to other areas, so it is easy for the students to spend their money on groceries. 
  • At low costs students are able to have meals, it costs $20.
  • The international students are also benefited with insurance that counterbalances the hospital bills, ambulance expenses, consultation with doctors.
  • In Brisbane, there are numerous beautiful sites to roam around like the lakeshore, Kangaroo bluff point and Art Galleries. 

The application form for international students would ask which courses he or she prefers although this question is asked to every student in Australia, not only international students. Either the international students can fill the application form online or by post. The international students should complete this application form as per the deadline. Many application forms ask about a student’s personal details like where he or she lives, guardian’s name and educational backgrounds. Also, the universities ask for your IELTS results to ensure about a student’s prowess in English. Additionally, they want to be certain about the academic qualifications a student holds like they can ask for a student’s O levels and A Levels certificates. Besides these, they want to ensure which course I prefer for my upcoming sessions. Although, the utmost information that the universities want to manifest is that the international students are employed. If he or she is already employed he or she has to fill up that question, however if he or she is unemployed then this is not a required question for the students. After the academic organization has received a student’s application, he or she will be apprised about the results. The students will receive a confirmation mail from the universities if his or her application is accepted by the authority. Also, the students are required to ensure that there is any condition given in the offered letter or not. If any condition is provided then the students must act accordingly. 

In Australia, Brisbane is considered as the inexpensive city for the students to live there. International students can rent the houses at reasonable prices and the rented house includes bed, desk, shared washrooms, kitchens and store rooms. However, the costs may differ due to chosen rooms by the international students. There is a special discount for the Brisbane students that they would receive 25% discount on by bike. If the international students bring their own laptops or ipads then they are required only to think about their gadgets. International students can buy their stationeries from Officeworks and Kmart at low costs.  The accommodations are provided on and off campus to the students by their respective universities. Those who provide accommodations to the students include the electricity bill, gas bill, water bill and internet bill in the rent. Students can also receive discounts simply by showing their student ID cards, these would reduce their costs on  multiple products and services. The students would receive discounts on software and technology. On public transport, they would receive a discount. On entertainment sites, they would also get discounts on amusement parks, museums and movie tickets. On discount, the students can select restaurants and get discount prices on different types of foods and drinks such as beverages. Besides these, the students can get discount prices on hair stylist and they can choose any haircut they want on discount. When an international student migrates to Australia, he or she can choose to live in a shared house so the prices incurred would be less. There are two sites and those two sites are known as Flatmates and Flatmates Finders, the students can take the help of these sites to find their preferable shared house in Brisbane. Over Brisbane central business district and South Bank region, commercial accommodation is dispersed for the students. There are great opportunities for the students if the students desire to stop over the center of the city because of student accommodations.

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